Homosexual Gifts on Offer

They, like everyone else, is already offered a “welcoming home”. The Catholic Church welcomes everyone equally–homosexual and heterosexual. All are welcomed. All are invited to repent of their sins and turn from their sinful lifestyles to follow the Lord in the path of chastity, sacrifice and obedience. This is how we welcome people into the Catholic Church–by welcoming all to take up their cross and follow Christ. For all people who are engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage we welcome them with the warmth of the Father welcoming home the prodigal. We welcome them with open arms and with loving pastoral concern as they seek to give up their sinful lifestyle and follow Christ. That is the welcome we offer all, and I fail to see why homosexuals are presently unwelcome.

Finally we are to “value their sexual orientation”? Again, what exactly does that mean? Am I to value what my own catechism calls an intrinsic disorder? How do I do that? Do I value their orientation by saying, “I think it’s wonderful that you desire to have anal intercourse with another man?” Would that be honest or true to natural law and the divine revelation? Just how do I do this without “compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony”?

Excuse me for using blunt language, but this IS what we’re talking about, and if it is not what we’re talking about, and we’re talking about simple human friendship and love between two men as between brothers, then what is all the fuss about? If we’re talking about ordinary same sex friendship or  persons with same sex attraction living holy and celibate lives, then there’s no problem.

We’ve accepted this kind solution and this kind of fraternal love since the beginning.

Let’s be clear. This is an attempt by progressives to push a secular agenda on to the church under the guise of “pastoral concern.”

Where is the spirit of the martyrs and missionaries in all this?

How do we welcome people? What do we offer?

I’m reminded of the great missionary to the Mid West, Rose Phillipine Duchesne who, after arriving in the remote Missouri territory met with the bishop.

He asked her, “What do you desire?”

The little Frenchwoman said, “A cross”

The bishop replied, “Good, because that is all I have to offer you.”