How Protestant Fundamentalism Destroys Christianity

Our arguments are rooted in natural law, history, anthropology, philosophy and common sense.

However, fundamentalists–in inculcating their world view to their children and others have also hammered into their heads that Catholicism is just plain wrong–that it can’t be right–that it is a religion of the devil. So should a young fundamentalist become disenchanted with that form of Christianity he is very unlikely to snoop around towards Catholicism because he has been indoctrinated to believe that Catholicism is the one religion that is definitely, totally, forever and impossibly wrong.

Therefore where there is some religious debate going on in the mainstream media it is invariably shallow and one sided–because Catholicism is completely misunderstood and ignored.

Article after article by “smart liberals” dismantle the fundamentalist position in a smug and sneering way–knocking down the one form of Christianity most easily dismissed while quietly ignoring the largest and most ancient and intellectually challenging for of Christianity–which is Catholicism.

In all my browsing of the mainstream media I have yet to encounter one article which attempts to challenge Catholicism in a thoughtful and knowledgable way.

Instead, if they talk about Catholicism seriously at all they focus on priest sex abuse scandals, some shallow story about how nice Pope Francis is or how nasty Cardinal Burke is.

But a real encounter with intelligent and knowledgable Catholics?

Nah. It’s easier to take apart the fundamentalist Protestants and thereby dismiss the entire Christian faith.

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