How Protestants Are Destroying Christianity

The Catholic understanding from the beginning, is against sola Scriptura. In fact, sola Scriptura was never heard of before the sixteenth century. I have always found it ironic to the extreme that Protestants blame Catholics for following late, man made un Scriptural doctrines, when their entire edifice is built on sola Scriptura–which is a late man made, unScriptural doctrine.

The Catholic teaching is that Jesus Christ founded the church and nowhere predicted a New Testament. The Holy Spirit inspired and filled the Church. The Scriptures are an inspired witness to the work of Christ in the world and the work of his body the church. The New Testament itself is clearly a document of the church. The gospels come from the teaching and preaching and liturgy of the early church. The Acts of the Apostles is the story of the foundation of the church. The epistles are documents to the churches and for the churches. The Old Testament is the story of the people of God looking forward to Christ and his church.

The Church continues to be the inspired interpreter of the Scriptures. This answers the questions in  current society. Do you want to know which verses we believe teach doctrine and morals? Ask the church. The Catholic Church has good answers as to why certain teachings (like dietary prohibitions) are not applicable while others are universal and foundational. The Catholic Church doesn’t mind if there are historical inconsistencies or editorial mishaps because the Church is the greater authority and the living inspiration of the church is there to balance the written inspiration of the Scriptures.

False doctrines always, in the end, destroy the faith. Sola Scriptura is a deeply false and misleading doctrine which was only formulated by the Reformers out of their rebellion against the Church and the rejection of her rightful authority.

This rightful authority is that of the bishops of the Church in succession from the Apostles. This long article explains this belief in detail.

The Protestant doctrine of sola Scriptura has led to private interpretation of Scripture which has, in turn led to the thousands of schisms in the church and the departure of thousands who thought things through and realized that the Bible as presented by the fundamentalists, couldn’t be true and so they rejected the entire faith.

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