If You Died Tonight Are You 100% Sure….

When that question is put to an eternal security Christian they squirm and say, “Well, that person would have to repent of his sins and ask Christ’s forgiveness.”

“And if he doesn’t repent of his sins is he going to hell? I thought he was saved and knew he was going to heaven.”

“I guess that person was never really saved in the first place.”

So if they said the prayer asking Jesus into their hearts it didn’t take? or maybe they didn’t really mean it? Or did Jesus reject them because they weren’t one of the elect?

The more you press it the more absurd the doctrine becomes.

So if you’re a Catholic don’t be bullied by these smiling people.

Here’s what to say if they ask you “If you died tonight do you know that you would go to heaven?”

Say, “I am 100% sure that I have decided to follow Jesus and to the best of my knowledge I am on the road to heaven.”

That’s another was of explaining that as far as you know you are in a state of grace.

If they press you and say, “Yes, but are you 100% certain that if you died tonight….”

You say with a big smile, “I have put my faith and trust 100% in the mercy of God and in the precious blood of the Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ.”

In that way you affirm the goodness and truth of what they affirm: (The need for faith and total trust in the saving work of Christ) without signing up to the sin of presumption–which is the Catholic name for the misleading doctrine called “Eternal Security.”