Is Fundamentalism a Sickness?

Progressivism is just as literal, legalistic and non-thinking as fundamentalism. Progressivism is just as intolerant, close minded and paranoid. Progressives are just as likely to engage in the blame game, be close minded and have a fortress mentality as fundamentalists. Furthermore, progressives are just as self righteous, always right and suspicious of everyone outside their little circle and worldview as the fundamentalists.

How to tell a progressive fundie?

Same way you tell a conservative fundie. They are overly serious and take themselves and their ideology very seriously.

They lack a sense of reality, a sense of humility and a sense of humor, and they would deny forever that they are actually fundamentalists, that they are sick, that the suffer from a kind of insane self righteousness.

Above all both types believe themselves to be right.

This is what we call pride. This is not just a sickness. It is sin.

The devil never. Never. Never for all eternity will admit that he was wrong.

Fundamentalism a sickness? Sure. So is progressivist fundamentalism.

We must remember that the person who is always right is automatically wrong and the person who knows they are wrong are on the way to being right.

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