Is It OK to Lie to Do Good?


It would be a lie, and a lie is a lie is a lie. However, the circumstances and intention are such that you are not really culpable of a sin.

Now let’s be more serious. Is it wrong of David Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress to go through what seems to be an extravagant fraud? Is it okay for them to set up a false company, misrepresent themselves and (if they did) forge documents and paperwork?

Their intention was to stop the hideous crime of abortion and the grotesque sale of baby body parts. The circumstance is that they are faced with an overwhelming institutionalized evil–one that is supported by the political machine, state laws and the media machine.

It is arguable, therefore, that the actions of the Center for Medical Progress is simply good old fashioned civil disobedience.

Looking back through history what would this compare to? Harriet Tubman breaking the law to help slaves to freedom in the underground railway? Women campaigning for votes? Negroes campaigning for de-segregation? Schindler and many others helping Jews hide from and escape the Nazis?

All of these courageous actions were technically wrong because they involved deception, subterfuge and misrepresentation.

Circumstances and intention, however, mitigate the guilt and lessen or even negate the culpability.

Finally, there is this: if a person wishes to engage in civil disobedience, if he or she wishes to break the law to battle injustice, violence and wickedness, then they must also be prepared to pay the price.

The society may prosecute them, and their punishment will be part of their battle.