Is the Antichrist One World Government About to Appear?


It is the same in the United Kingdom. The Labour Government and the Conservative governments aren’t much different from one another.

Is this simply a matter of safe, cautious, middle of the road moderates being in charge or is this evidence that the whole democratic process is one huge charade and the real decisions are made by the shadowy figures who meet at their secret international conferences to pull the strings?

This is why the present political situation in the UK and the USA is very interesting. We have three candidates who have increasing popular support. Left wingers Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn–the front runner in the UK Labour party’s current leadership contest. Then in the US we also have the hairdo–Donald Trump, the lifelong liberal Democrat who is suddenly a Republican.

What is the common link among all  three? They’re portraying themselves as outsiders. They’re kicking at the juggernaut of the invulnerable establishment. They’re demanding real change.

Remember “change” was Obama’s slogan. Not much change.

Trump, Corbyn and Sanders are radical voices calling for radical change. It will be interesting to see, therefore, what the “democratic process” does with them.

Already in the UK Corbyn is being charged with loading up the electoral process by flooding the system with newly registered voters. In the meantime, conspiracy theorists are suggesting that the newly registered Corbyn supporters are being planted there by Conservative party supporters because a radical left wing Labour leader is exactly what will help keep the Conservatives in power indefinitely.

A similar scenario of electoral corruption is being suspected in the USA with the ascendancy of Donald Trump. Trump has been a Democrat all his life. He is a fake Conservative. He’s been a big donor to the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons are old friends. So it is suspected that his candidacy is a plant by the Democrats. Trump will not be selected as the Republican candidate. If he then runs as a third party independent he will split the Republican vote and the Clintons will get a free ride back to the White House.

Bernie Sanders plays his part is presenting radical left wing politics to America–which will make Hillary seem like the moderate voice of experience and common sense–driving majority Democratic voters her way.

If I am right, then the powers that be are manipulating the voters very cleverly right now, and if 2016 bring Hillary to the White House and Cameron to Downing Street, then we will see the same kind of alliance between a party that pretends to be right wing and one that pretends to be left wing as we saw with Tony Blair playing poodle to George W.Bush.

Blair was blamed by the left for cuddling up to George Bush. Next time it will be the right in Britain who will complain that Cameron is cuddling up to Hillary.

Since there is no real difference between them, and both sides continue to follow the same global tactics is it paranoid to believe that there are other powers behind both the White House and Downing Street who make the real decisions?

If this is so, and if the decisions are made at a global level, then maybe those old preachers who went on and on about the “antichrist and one world government” had a point.

From a spiritual point of view, we should not be surprised. Satan is the Lord of this World and he never sleeps.

He is always working to establish a system of control over the whole world and enslave everyone. He wants this world as his kingdom and he will stop at nothing to accomplish his ends. Is the antichrist among us? Is the New World Order about to appear?

Sure. He has always been among us and has always been working in one way or another to overthrow the Kingdom of Christ–the Church–which has been planted in the territory he has claimed as his own.

When Christians are aware of this fact they will sharpen their weapons and remind themselves whose kingdom they belong to, and they will not be surprised at the battle.

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