It’s the ACTS of the Apostles, People!


Maybe it’s because we’ve turned the Pentecost powered church of Christ into a genteel, middle class charity. “Oh, we must do something for the poor! Let’s have another gala at the country club!”

Maybe its because the successors of the Apostles (our bishops and clergy) spend too much time in committee meetings, too much time worrying about insurance liabilities, lawsuits, protecting the church’s finances, presenting a good PR case and sifting through the wreckage to salvage something.

Maybe all of us need to be men of action and follow the example of the apostles a bit more.

And what’s good for the clergy is good for the people.

How many of us devote the time and energy to the work of the gospel that we should?

We’re Casual Catholics–treating our faith as a weekend hobby.

Time to roll up our sleeves, put on our working clothes, kick the truck into drive and get engaged in Apostolic Action in the world.