Married Pedophile Priests?

The problem is, of course, that married men molest kids too. In fact, a child is far more likely to be sexually abused by a married relative–a father, uncle or older brother–than a single man. Marriage, therefore is not a magic fix for pedophilia. The other problem is that the vast majority of pedophile cases in the clergy are homosexual in nature. The pedophile was attracted to young men and boys. Marriage was therefore not likely to be a solution to that problem.

The fact of the matter is that there were a very few sick men who were Catholic priests. Most of them were attracted to young men. Some were attracted to pre-pubescent boys. They were very sick and perverted homosexuals–emotionally stunted, immature and twisted personalities who never should have been ordained in the first place. Psychiatrists were usually unable to heal them, and they would never have been able to have the healthy masculinity to get married it the first place, and if they had, marriage in itself, would certainly not have cured them.

Saying that Catholic priests should be allowed to get married in order to solve the pedophile problem is about as thoughtful as saying that a psychopathic serial killer could have been cured by getting a hunting license.

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