O Lord Make Me Happy…

I have a saying about some people, “Oh, she‘s just so happy being unhappy. I think she’d be unhappy if she were happy.”

We like being unhappy because it makes us feel important. Its a form of self dramatization. We want some drama in our life so we find something to be unhappy about.

We especially like being unhappy when we can blame another person. Its my husband’s fault. Its my wife’s fault. It’s my mother in law. It’s my daughter in law. It’s my kids. It’s my parents. It’s my boss. It’s my employees. It’s my pastor. It’s my people. It’s the Republicans. It’s the Democrats. It’s the poor people. They’re lazy. It’s the rich people. They’re greedy. It’s the blacks. It’s the whites. It’s the Muslims. It’s the Christians. It’s the Catholics. It’s the Protestants.

You get my drift.

We actually nurse our unhappiness. It’s like a fat ugly mongrel dog we keep around the house.

We feed it with scraps of negativity, morsels of moroseness, tidbits of gossip and crumbs of grumbles.

Be being unhappy we nurture and nurse our sense of being a victim and by being a victim we allow ourselves to relapse into an immature mentality. We allow ourselves to fall into being spoiled little brats.

We just love being unhappy because we think someone will come and make us happy. We want a Sugar Daddy or a Big Momma to come and make everything alright when what we really need to do is realize that only one person will decide if we are happy or not, and that’s the person who looks at us from the mirror.

God will help us. That’s for sure, but he is not the big Sugar Daddy in the sky who will give us everything we want. He’s not Santa Claus.

God’s will and God’s way is to help us help ourselves. Do you want to be happy? Do you really?  Think of Sister Mary Lucy. Everything made her happy because her happiness was in God alone.

You will be happy when you decide to be happy just like you will be chaste when you decide to be chaste.

God will help you, but it’s in your hands, and as soon as you decide that is what you are going to do the sooner that help will come to you.