Overcoming Lust: How Do I Do That?

You can see it in the faces of a faithful couple in love after many years–a couple who have learned the power of purity through a life of sacrifice, laughter, giving and living a chaste and pure life–even if that chastity has been hard won. Especially if that chastity has been hard won!

When one once gets this glimpse and vision of true chastity, then the swamps and murkiness of lust pales in significance. The man or woman says to himself or herself, “I could have that beauty and purity and power, but I’m going to settle for the leering, squalid, sordid world of porn, lust and my feeble, pointless adolescent fantasies? Why would I do that?

When counseling guys about this I sometimes compare it to food.

Think what it would be like to be offered a delicious, fresh, balanced and beautiful home cooked meal served up by a family who love you in a place where all is happy and full and abundant and free. Think of that wonderful meal you are being offered and then you say, “So I’m going to choose instead to eat a maxed up double bacon cheeseburger with fries fully loaded and a milkshake? Then after I pig out on that junk food I am going to go back and order the same again?

Gross! Grotesque! Horrible! Why would you do that?

Only when we get a glimpse of that great power of purity will we be able to see the squalid sordidness of lust as it really is.

The light always shows the truth of all things.

How do you get such a gift?

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find.

Ask the one who was purity itself. Ask the one whose beauty is as hard as diamonds and soft as moonlight.

Ask the one who is as sweet as lilies and as tough as steel.

Ask the one who is a mother and a virgin.

Ask Mary. Pray the rosary with the intention of purity. Pray it every day and ask for the gift, the glimpse, the glory, the vision of the purity and the power.