Peter and the Empty Promises of Progressives


The way is locked there into the reading itself in a detail which is often overlooked by Catholics and definitely overlooked by Protestants, and the detail is that this vision came to Peter. Peter is the one who is primarily filled with the Holy Spirit and receives direct revelation from God. What happened when Peter affirmed that Jesus was the Christ the Son of the Living God? Jesus said, “It was not flesh and blood that revealed this to you, but my father in heaven.” In other words, Peter has a unique connection with God’s revelation

It was no mistake that it was Peter who had this vision of a new and radical path for the church. Notice also what Peter does with his vision. He take the vision back to the other apostles and at the Council of Jerusalem they validated Peter’s vision and move forward with the Gentile mission.

So, do you want to know if a recommended innovation in the Church is the will of God? Look to Peter. By God’s mercy and marvelous provision we have his successor with us today. If Peter has the vision and he takes it to the apostolic council –that is Catholic bishops–and the new direction is approved then it has been validated by God’s plan and direction.

On the other hand, should an innovation like the ordination of women, same sex marriage (or anything else that comes along) not be the vision of Peter, validated by the Apostolic Church, then it is an innovation that is to be rejected and a development that is to be denied.

Want to know if the latest radical suggestion for change is of the Holy Spirit?

Ask Peter. Listen to the Apostolic Church.

Likewise, if something new has come along which you happen to dislike or you think is wrong. Be corrected by listening to Peter and build your house upon the Rock.