Planned Parenthood: The Vampire Strikes Back

In most modern vampire films the vampire is always irresistibly handsome or beautiful, and they can only prolong their eternal youth, beauty and life by walking among the living as the dead and sucking from the their blood. Furthermore, they always need to feast on the blood of the young, the strong and the beautiful.

So the vampires of Planned Parenthood suck up the lifeblood (heart, liver, lungs, brains etc) of the youngest and most vulnerable, beautiful and innocent–the children.

So in a society obsessed with the abuse of children we give the nod to a member of the professional class who drags babies out of their mother’s womb and consumes them for payment.

The vampire is an apt symbol for the horror we now live with. Beastly beings who appear to be normal, nice, charming and intelligent but who turn out to suck the life out of others to preserve their own life.

Is my language extreme?

Maybe. Should it be?

I think so.

People need to see the monsters of Planned Parenthood as the ghastly vampires they really are.