Prepare for the Rise of the Right

If he is strong against the foreign threat he will also be strong against the threat from within. He’ll need a strong police presence to enforce his policies at home and defend from terrorism in the homeland too.

Won’t this leader also connect with those ordinary citizens’ dislike and frustration with left wing policies at home? He’ll be against the “entitlement culture” He’ll connect with their anger over the bullying of the homosexual movement. He’ll sympathize with their hatred of the corrupt politicians, the greedy multi nationals and the political dynasty families.

He’ll be an outsider–a genuine dark horse candidate who nobody nowhere amongst the liberal intelligentsia will think has a chance, but he’ll sweep through on a landslide of anger and resentment of ordinary folks who have simply had enough of the idiocy, corruption, croneyism, spineless godlessness of the present establishment.

If such a leader brought in a police state at home would the right wing citizens, the fuming and frightened–mind so much? Wouldn’t they say about the increased police presence “If you haven’t done anything wrong there is nothing to worry about?”

Right wing Christians have to beware any kind of totalitarianism.

An extreme right wing “security and safety” man, if he does not also have a sense of proportion, balance and wisdom, could also be dangerous to the cause of freedom, peace and justice.

Could such a thing happen? You only have to read the news to find that extreme right wing movements are on the rise across Europe.

When people are fuming and frightened, right wing candidates seem very attractive.

Read the signs of the times. Watch and be alert and prepare for the rise of the right.

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