Sado Masochism for the Suburbs

The smutty journalist working for the Daily Telegraph says she has “toyed with the idea of writing an erotic novel” and that’s why she’s visiting the sex torture chamber in London. She explains the moral boundaries the sadomasochists entertain. The sadomasochist madam explains:

“Before you start to experiment,” she says, “you must remember the three rules of bondage: SCS – safe, consensual and sane.

“Safe: that you’re using the right equipment and that you have agreed a safe word with your partner. Consensual: that everyone involved understands and is OK with what’s involved. Sane: that you’re in a position to know what you’re committing to – aka, not drunk.

Let’s examine the rules. Safe? So it’s safe to tie people up, handcuff them and beat them up? It’s safe to whip people when they’re blindfolded? Safe? As if that is all that is going to happen? Do these sick mad people not understand that it doesn’t stop at spanking? A sado masochist is one sick puppy and he’s not going to stop at a gentle knock around.

Consensual? What does that mean? What kind of psychological games are they playing? Anyone who consents to this sort of thing is already very sick and incapable of true consent.

Sane? It’s insane to start with! How  is it “sane” to express “love” but torturing the other person?

That the journo has no more idea of the roots of this sickness than the fact that her bank account has taken a hit is mind boggling. She clearly has zero understanding about the psychology of sexuality.

The present trend for sado masochism is simply an outgrowth of the sad, sick and sinful sexual practices our society has been condoning for the last fifty years. I’d like to say that it’s the final outcome, but it’s not. Be prepared for worse. Do these sick people imagine that it will end with consensual sex? Of course not, the whole thrill is surely that the person really doesn’t consent and that the real sadist will wish to inflict pain on unwilling victims.

Of course it won’t end there. It will continue into non-consensual torture and degradation, and the ultimate victims will be children.

Why is it the outcome of the rest of the promiscuity in our society? Because what begins in twisted love only becomes more twisted. Recreational sex has always been sick and selfish and people come away from it feeling dirty, used and abused. They feel guilt. Great guilt. Terrible guilt.

They feel like they need to be punished. In fact they so much feel that they need to be punished that they long to be punished and they so much long to be punished that they start to feel pleasure in being punished, and their pleasure is translated into sexual pleasure because they have already sold their souls to the demon of sexual pleasure. That’s why  they want to be tied up, tortured and beaten.

And on the other side of the whip? The person who enjoys inflicting pain is only expressing the other side of guilt–blaming others. Locked in his guilt, low self esteem and anger, he or she blames the other person for what has happened. They blame the other person so much that they gain pleasure from blaming the other person and they soon gain pleasure in the idea of punishing that other person and that pleasure (because they have sold their soul to the demon of sexual pleasure) becomes sexualized and they derive sexual satisfaction from inflict pain on others.

Bondage? I’d say. Bondage to Satan.

No wonder Catholic dioceses are laying on more training for exorcists.

What to do about it?

I know of only one answer. “These can come out only by prayer and fasting.”