Satan Hates Marriage

What’s to do?

Pursue chastity.

Please understand. This is why chastity is important. Not just because all those nasty dirty sexy things are bad, but because chastity is good.

Chastity is good because chastity and charity are sisters. They go hand in hand.

Chastity is purity and purity is power–spiritual power that Satan hates.

This is why he hates the Blessed Virgin and why she especially will help us in our battles to obtain and sustain the most precious gift of chastity.

If you think we live in a dark, demonic age, then pursue chastity and do so with the passion of a true warrior, for a true warrior you are.

If you pursue chastity within marriage or as a single person, you will be working to restore Eden.

You will be working to destroy Satan who invaded Eden and who saw immediately that his objective was to destroy the first marriage.

So pursue chastity and you will be helping to restore the innocence and wisdom of un fallen Adam and Eve.

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