Sex, Politics and Religion

The other side is not all wrong. Those who protest or campaign for a particular cause usually have a good point. They have a grievance because some evil has been perpetrated or some good has been neglected. Environmentalists, for example, have a worthy cause because we really have abused the natural order through our greed, violence and laziness. One needn’t espouse the opposition’s entire agenda to recognize their core grievance and adopt their complaint. This is not only wise, it is smart politics to adopt and adapt your enemy’s strengths.

It is interesting to note, that at the beginning of his television interview Rees-Mogg gave a compassionate answer to the immigration problem in Britain. Although the media likes to portray traditional Christians as obsessed with sex, the Christian politician will show that his faith influences his policies across economics, diplomacy, social welfare, education and does so in a positive way. The Christian politician must battle the media who wish to portray his Christianity as obsessed with sex by pointing out that his faith affects these other areas in ways that progressives will usually approve.

Finally, a Christian politician will be most effective when he or she lives out their faith joyfully, consistently and compassionately. In their private and public lives the Christian politician must be seen to be a fulfilled, compassionate and positive human being. Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have both said this is the core of evangelization—to attract others to the faith by being attractive human beings, and this applies to politicians in public as it does to the rest of us in private.

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