Should We Accept Syrian Refugees?

Furthermore, why not be even more selective and take only family groups with husband, wife and children or one parent and their children or family groups with extended family members like grandparents?

Are there single people who need help? Accept women and their children. Accept old people. Accept the disabled, the poor and blind.

In that way we offer loving Christian charity to those in need while excluding those who might be a risk.

And following the principle of subsidiarity, instead of this whole thing being run by the govamunt why not delegate to the Christian churches and charities to run the program?

We’ve got Samaritan’s Purse, CNEWA, Aid to the Church in Need, Catholic Charities, Open Doors and many other charities.

I know! Why not take all the money that Campaign for Human Development scoops up and spends on dubious enterprises and use that to welcome Christian refugees?

What to do with the Islamic refugees? They should be welcomed by the Islamic Countries.

This is not discrimination. It is simply the best and most efficient way to cope with the crisis. The Muslim refugees would feel more at home in an Islamic country anyway.

Why is that so hard?

It’s hard because we Christians aren’t really ready to get up off our tails and do anything about it.

Think for a moment what it would be like if all the Christian denominations said to the international refugee authorities, “We’ll take them! Baptists will take the Baptists! Catholics will take the Catholics! Christians will take the Christians. We’ll have them in our homes. We’ll have them in our churches. We’ll give them jobs and help them get settled!”

What a witness that would be and although it would not solve the whole problem it might inspire the good Muslims in Islamic countries to do the same, and something good would come out of the mess.

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