Six Reasons Why Giving Away Your Money Makes You Prosperous


Fourthly, when you live by faith as a result of sacrificial giving you meet other people who are doing the same. These are the best people in life to associate with. They are successful, happy people.  They are powerful, positive people. They are optimistic people who are full of faith. These kind of people can move mountains. These people are stopped by nothing. They accomplish great things and you are part of their network and are moving and living with some of the most amazing and fulfilled and happy people in the world.

Fifthly, when you give sacrificially you develop a new dimension of gratitude in your life. You realize how blessed you are and that “gratitude attitude” affects every other part of your life. It brings about a new positive attitude. It grows optimism. It brings happiness and it also brings an even greater level of generosity.

Sixth, giving sacrificially makes you happy. When you learn detachment through sacrificial giving you stop worrying so much. You learn to trust in God. You learn to rest in him, and this attitude changes your life for the better.

By now you will see that when I use the word “prosperity” I am not talking only about having more money in the bank. If you give sacrificially you might end up with more money in the bank. Many people do, but more importantly, you end up with spiritual capital. You have learned the spiritual lessons and you have learned the secret of genuine happiness.

True prosperity is being able to live a happy, contented, abundant and full life that is not dependent on the amount of money in your bank account.

True prosperity is prosperity of heart. It is knowing what is most important and knowing how to attain that and how to live within that great gift of contentment.

When I was a kid I had to memorize Bible verses from the King James Version.

One of the best ones is: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

It was true then. It’s still true today.