Sixteen Signs of True Authority Every Catholic Should Learn

7. Intellectually Fit – It has to sit at the top table and hold its own with all the best minds in all the intellectual disciplines. Thomas Aquinas to the witness stand.
8. Humble – It has to be understood by peasants and children. Joseph of Cupertino and St John Vianney to the stand.
9. Culturally Fit – It has to exhibit (or at least try to) the highest of all the art forms for expression: Michaelangelo, Murillo, Chartres, Tolkien, Mozart etc etc etc.
10. Common – Though high brow, it can’t alienate peasants and common folk: Witness the Infant of Prague, Tacky statues, holy water bottles of the Blessed Mother with the crown that unscrews…

11. Visible – It can’t be just a theory. You have to be able to identify this authority
12. Invisible – the authority has to be over arching, theoretical and transcendent in it’s essence

13. Diverse – This authority must be multiform, multi cultural, multi racial and globally diverse
14. Unified – This authority must exhibit an inner unity and cohesion which unites the diverse elements at a fundamental level.
15. Human – In its exercise and expression it has to be believably human and ordinary. No golden tablets from angels please
16. Divine – While human, this authority’s origins and essence must be from the Lord above.