Stories from the Slaughterhouse of Choice

A plate is pulled from the refrigerator with the shredded remains of a 20 week old twin. These are not baby parts the size of a dime (as if size mattered) here is a leg that is the size of your thumb and forefinger together.

Here is a torso mashed up with a clinician picking through it with a tweezers saying, “Here’s a lung. Here’s a liver.” or “Here’s the eyeball. The eyeballs are really easy to pull out.”

Meanwhile the other clinicians talk calmly about the prices they will get and the legality of the procedure…the director of the clinic having already explained how they do abortions to order according to what parts the customer wants.

America can no longer avoid these truth.

Is this about the freedom of a woman to choose? If so, what is she choosing?

Is it possible that we have given the woman the right to choose for her own child to be crushed, shredded and crunched while still alive in her womb?

She may have the right to choose what happens to her own body. When does that unborn child cease to be the woman’s body?

Furthermore, the frightening thing about this killing is that we have become de-sensitized–and it is the women who have become de-sensitized.

I cannot imagine that the women calmly picking through baby parts and discussing prices for parts would have the least objection to any sort of violence against anyone if they thought it was justified.

If it was legal for them to have the choice to kill a living person they would.

If you think not, then consider the steps toward euthanasia already taking place.

That is the next slaughterhouse of choice in our land.