Take a 90% Pay Cut to Give the Workers More Money?

Of course a person’s training, education and experience are worth a financial compensation, but in America we have fallen into the trap of measuring a person’s human worth according to their financial standing.

We are ruled by the money men who come through and tell us that all our decisions must be driven by financial considerations. We must pay people as little as possible and work them as hard as possible.

What if we were to stand things on their head and start out with the basic value system that we are going to pay people not as little as we can, but as much as we can? What if, as employers, we were looking for every opportunity to assist our workers rather than expecting them to do everything for us? What if we started with the assumption that we were going to pay our workers enough to have a good life?

What if employers across the country took the example of Mr Price and took a pay cut themselves to make this happen?

On this blog I often comment that personal responsibility and individual virtue are the answers to society’s problems. Mr Price did not wait for some legislator somewhere to tell him to take less and give more. He did not have to rely on some government redistribution of wealth program to help others. He was smart, saw the answer and made the decision.

The huge disparity in income and the lack of imagination on the part of the management, the greed of the few people on top of the economic pyramid are all the reasons why you end up with socialism. Because rich people are greedy and irresponsible they have to be made to share their wealth. The government steps in and takes the wealth first by taxation and then, if that is not effective, through greater force, and if that doesn’t work there is a revolution. The poor simply get hungry enough and frustrated enough and they go on a rampage to take what should have been shared with them in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in favor of socialistic solutions.

I’m in favor of the sort of solutions Mr Price has put in place. I’m in favor of individuals making sound and reasonable solutions that assist their companies and their society to flourish.

Finally, think of how Mr Price’s company is going to flourish. 1. His employees are going to love him 2. His employees will work harder because they really value their job 3. His workers will probably respond with similar gestures of goodwill and generosity to one another and to their customers. 4. His customers will be energized by dealing with such a creative and positive company. 5. His company will therefore go from strength to strength.

It is true that evil produces more evil…

…but it is also true that goodness produces more goodness.

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