Tale of Two Nations

Instead of these categories what is emerging is a fundamental divide in world views–a clash of cultures—a flare up of philosophies. Put simply, half of the American people believe in God and half do not. When I say they ‘believe in God’ what I mean is that they believe in the Judeo Christian God–a God who is alive and well and active in the world. They believe their religion is revealed by God–that it is not a human construction. They believe that they are answerable to God and therefore they believe in personal responsibility. They believe that every human being is created in God’s image and because of this each person has a right first to life, and then to self determination and personal freedom–freedom to do what is right and to follow the commandments of God.

The other half do not believe in God, or if they profess belief in God, he is not this God. If they do not believe in God, then they cannot believe that man is created in God’s image. They can only believe that man is a product of random evolution, and is therefore caught up in a random sort of fatalism–his destiny determined by his genetics. This person who does not believe in God can also not believe in the dignity of man. For him man is an animal, and if he therefore behaves like a beast it is only to be expected. We will find such people to be increasingly full of irrational rage and hatred against God and his people. The believers will tolerate the unbelievers, but that tolerance will not be reciprocated.

There is a sub category of the unbelievers–those who profess a belief in God, but their God is not the Judeo Christian God despite the fact that they belong to Judeo Christian religious groups. These ‘believers’ do not believe God is active in the world. Religion, for them, is not revealed, but relative. It is a human construct which arose out of a particular historical circumstance and can be adapted and changed as society adapts and changes. Their god is de facto the god of the deists. He is a distant God who cares little for the decisions of humanity. For this group of ‘believers’ religion is primarily about making the world a better place. That is why they endorse the utilitarian tools of eugenics–abortion and contraception and euthanasia. These ‘believers’ believe that religion is man made, and the irony is that their religion is just that: man made. It “has the form of godliness, but denies the power thereof”.

I say these ‘believers’ are a sub-group of the unbelievers for their aims and objectives are the same as the atheists. These are the ones most perfidious for they inhabit the ranks of clergy and ‘faithful’ Catholics. They go to church and mouth Christian terminology, but every action and every decision is rooted not in a belief in the Judeo Christian God, but in a god of their own making and a religion of their own ideas.

I am an optimist and I dislike talk of the coming persecution, but if and when such a terrible thing should occur be prepared for a battle between these two Americas. Be prepared to watch as ‘believers’ of this second sort not only accept the persecution of their fellow ‘believers’ but endorse it. With the howling atheists the modernists will say, “It is time those old fashioned bigots are taken away and removed from society.”

I do not wish it, but I can see it.

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