Ten Positive Principles of Personal Wealth

5.  Love All Things According to their Worth – Material possessions and wealth can be a blessing and a path to God if we love all things according to their worth. This means we never obtain something because it will help us show off or give us something to brag about. We never obtain something to further our vanity or simply to indulge our physical pleasures. Instead all things are given in order to be valued according to their intrinsic worth. A house, for example, is to lodge a family, welcome guests and offer security, peace and a loving home. It is not a trophy.

6. Seek the beautiful, good and true – Look for that which is beautiful, good and true. Do not obtain things because they are flashy, trashy, fake and fleeting. Buy few things, but let them be good quality and a joy forever.

7. What is good is not expensive and what is expensive is not always good – Be discerning and never be swayed only by price. Just as that which is expensive is rarely good value and often not good, so that which is cheap is not good simply because it is cheap. A good item from a junk shop may be cheap and good. Another item from a luxury store may be expensive crap.

8. Give, Save, Spend – That’s the order to bring financial happiness. Give first and give generously. Save next and save wisely. Spend last and spend little.

9. Money is like Manure – You’ve heard this one before. Keep too much of it stored up in one place and it is useless and stinks. Spread it around and it helps many things grow and bear much fruit. So be generous to good charities and churches, be generous to people with good ideas. Be generous to those who are doing good things and need money to do more good things.

10. Make a wise will – You’re going to leave it all behind. Your last will and testament helps you decide how to best use your wealth after you’ve gone across the river.

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