Ten Reasons Not to Watch “Exorcism Live!”

5. You Don’t Want to Mess With the Devil – I expect the whole thing will be no more than a jumped up side show or Halloween house of horrors complete with a couple of “Oh! It was only the cat!” moments. But even if there were some genuine demonic activity why would you want to go there? Believe me. I’ve witnessed a real exorcism and it’s horrible. Do you really want to play around with the occult?

6. Don’t Let You Kids Watch This Junk – As I’ve said it is probably no more than trash TV, but don’t let your kids watch it because they might get intrigued by this stuff. It’s vile. It’s bad. For that matter don’t let them watch really nasty horror films either. Why would you let them play in the sewer?

7. Light is Better Than Darkness – Focus on everything that is beautiful, good and true. That’s the best way to drive out everything that is ugly, bad and false.

8. For Those Who Are Unprotected This Can Be Harmful – A person who is baptized and in a state of grace has nothing to fear from the demonic powers, but there are an increasing number of people in America who are not protected from evil. They can be vulnerable to the dark side and be drawn into ugly stuff by first becoming fascinated with this.

9. Boys. Be a Priest – Do you want to fight against evil and have the authentic power to battle Satan? Boys, plan to be a priest. But this will not come to you as instant TV. You can’t be a pretend priest like Bishop Long on TV. Follow Christ. Hear his call and respond to the call to fight evil as a priest.

10 Just Pray More – You can join in the battle against evil yourself. You don’t need to watch a sensationalized, trash TV version. Pray the rosary for spiritual warfare. Pray to St Michael. Join in the battle in a real, substantial and solid way. Pray more.

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