Ten Things to Remember About the Assumption of Mary

6. Mary’s Assumption shows the completion of Redemption – The redemption is not only a spiritual or a psychological matter. It is not simply a spiritual reality or a theological theory. The whole world groans for redemption and the fulfillment of the sons and daughters of the King. That fulfillment has a physical dimension too. That is why the Blessed Virgin is assumed both soul and body. Avoiding Gnosticism, Christ’s redemptive act includes our physical bodies. Mary enters physically into the spiritual realm and so opens the door for others and transforms the spiritual realm bringing into it a physicality.

7. We are reminded of the promise of the resurrection of the Body through Mary’s Assumption – Our own earthly bodies will see decay because we are not sinless like Mary, but through our eventual purification our redemption too will be complete and we are promised the resurrection of the body. On the last day in a mysterious way our own bodies will be reconstituted and share in the reality of the resurreection

8. Mary’s Assumption foreshadows the final purity of the church – What happens to Mary happens to all who are baptized if they remain in Christ. What happens to Mary also happens to the whole of the church. She will be presented one day to Christ as a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle. The final glory of the whole Church will be a final consummation and harvest. All that seemed a tragedy of waste and shame will be part of the glory. All that seemed wonderful will be fulfilled and completed as more perfect than we could have imagined. She goes forth as a bride adorned for her husband, and so the Church as the bride of Christ will one day be arrayed in all that glory.

9. The Assumption is the Final Reversal of Eve’s Decision – Eve turned away from God. Mary is taken up into God’s presence. Eve lost her queenship of earth. Mary is granted the Queenship of Heaven. Eve lost everything through disobedience. Mary gains everything through obedience. Eve fell. Mary rises. Eve goes into the dark. Mary goes into the light. Eve dragged all down. Mary raises all up.

10. Mary’s Assumption foreshadows all the saints – Because God accomplished complete redemption in Mary through the death of his son, the way is opened up for all the saints to share in that glory. Her perfection is the pioneer of the perfection of all the saints and the destiny of all the baptized. Mary is the Queen and Mother of all saints because they do the will of Christ which she pioneered. She shows the way and opens the way for all who wish to follow her Son. Where she has gone before the saints can hope to follow. The saints are her children–her offspring–her beloved ones and through the graces she received she shares with them.