Twelve Ways Donald Trump Reflects America Today

6. He comes across as a sexist bigot and racist – His treatment of women, and all his talk about walls to keep Mexicans out, how illegal immigrants are rapists and thieves and now how he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country. The man is playing to the xenophobic, ignorant and insular Americans of the worst sort. What policies of substance has he produced except to play on the fears, ignorance and bigotry of poorly educated Americans?

7. He’s tacky, tasteless and crass – With his investments in show business, gambling, beauty pageants, and with his tasteless self promotion, strutting style and shameless boasting he’s just a crass as can be, and he reflects the shallow, ignorant and uneducated voters he shamelessly panders to.

8. He’s scheming and crafty – Underneath his crass exterior there is a cunning beast. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s doing a deal on the American people like he’s done a deal his whole life in his shady business deals and crafty  schemes. He’s a crook and a conman, and America loves him to bits because we have all decided that instead of hard work, honest dealing and a thrifty life the real way to success is by being a slick wheeler dealer, ready to con anybody who comes along and is a sucker.

9. He’s godless, but assumes religion when it suits him – This is also reflective of modern America. The prosperity gospel and all the Christian hypocrites who do dirty deals all week, then put on their suit and trot along to church on Sunday. Donald’s religion is just about as real as his tan, his teeth, his hair and his face lift. It has about as much intelligence and sincerity as his trophy third wife, and all the good Christians said, “Amen!”

10. He’s a violent warmonger – Americans still think all their problems will go away if they just use more bombs. Donald doesn’t have a clue about foreign policy. His creed in office will be “If they don’t like me let’s bomb ’em.” The fact that millions of Americans think this guy would make a wonderful president is absolutely phenomenal, frightening and distressingly appropriate.

11. He’s a greedy lover of money – See how he boasts about how rich he is? And Americans just soak it up. He has to be good. He’s rich. He has to be wonderful. He’s rich. He has to be a nice guy. He’s rich. He has to be a great president. He’s rich. He loves money. We love money. We love Donald.

12. He’s ignorant, uneducated, uncultured and unqualified – He’s an ignorant and arrogant little American of the most boorish and uneducated type. With little education and no class he appeals to an American public who glory in their lack of education, learning and awareness. He has no qualifications or experience for high office. But we love that kind of hick amateurism. He’s learned that money can buy anything and every man has his price and actually boasts at the fact that he buys politicians. And we love him.

The Donald is us.

We are The Donald.

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