The Donald We Deserve

Like Donald if its not about you its not worth your time.

Like Donald you have a shallow, superficial form of Christian religion that is as empty, vain and foolish as you are.

Like Donald you love “reality TV” oblivious to the fact that TV is a flight from reality.

Like Donald you will never repent of anything which means you will blame everyone else for your problems, and you’ll think you’re good for doing so.

Like Donald you will wage war, persecute the poor, blame the immigrants and take pride in the fact.

Like Donald you will change your mind on every issue because you have no moral compass and no authority other than your bank account and your crotch.

Like Donald you’ll say anything to anybody if you think it will win your admiration or power.

Like Donald you think beautiful women are a trophy to accent your greatness. Non-trophy women are to be insulted publicly.

Donald Trump is a perfect portrait of America today. He’s a shallow, egocentric, lustful, greedy, warmongering creep…

…and he’s us.