The Most Revealing Trump Moment…

This is what we call “pride”. Not the proper pride in a job well done after hard work and sacrifice, not the proper pride in family, country or faith, not the proper pride of true achievement, but instead the pride that will not bow its head, will not bend the knee…the pride that will not serve, and growls in a terrifying rage, “Non Servium!”

Then someone else noticed a chilling detail from the first moments of the debate. The six men were asked to join the audience in a moment of silence for Justice Antonin Scalia. Look at the video. Bush, Carson, Cruz, Kasich and Rubio all stood with heads bowed and eyes closed.

Trump did not bow his head. He did not close his eyes.

From all appearances, this is a man who cannot bow his head. He cannot bend the knee. He cannot apologize. He cannot say “sorry”. He cannot accept an apology. He cannot repent.

I hope I am wrong, and by God’s help even the proudest may eventually turn, but I say “cannot”  because I fear his “will not” probably paralyzed  his capability to say “sorry” a long time ago.

Be afraid. Be very afraid of any man who cannot sincerely apologize or sincerely, humbly and manfully accept an apology.

In a leader where there is not even a scrap or a crumb of humility–not the least glimmer of self doubt–there lurks a tyrant.

Do not be deceived. He will not “make America great again.”

He will make it worse than it has ever been.

This is not only a bad candidate. This is a bad man.

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