The Paris Attacks: The Consequence of Goodness Without Truth

As a result they have opened their borders to every kind of horror, refusing to the end to believe that such horrors from hell really do exist. They have opened their own borders to Islamic extremists who have stated openly that they wish to destroy everything Christian and take over their country and turn it into an Islamic state.

Blind as the fundamentalists they deplore, the liberals’ ideology is a counterfeit form of faith which forbids them to castigate, exclude or expel anyone and refuses to acknowledge that they have such a thing as an enemy.

Their shallow optimism is their substitute for hope and this blinds them to the fact that their birth rate is below the replacement level, that their culture is doomed and their country about to collapse.

Their tolerant political correctness is their artificial form of charity which is spineless and gutless and has nothing to offer except more bland tolerance and acceptance of everything and everyone. These people would probably tolerate and grant “rights” to a serial killer who entered their home.

The Paris attacks should be a wake up call.

True goodness can never be separated from Truth, and Christian truth is never soft, weak or spineless.

To see truth and goodness in perfect harmony one contemplates the lives of the saints. The saints faced the most brutal barbarism with missionary effort in which people like St Isaac Jogues went to live with the people who would torture and kill him. He set up a home among them and showed them a courageous and powerful love that can only be supernatural. The Algerian Cistercian monks portrayed in the film
“Of Gods and Men” who stayed at their post despite the threat of violence show the true courageous Christian response.

Violence or peace? The Jesuits in the film “The Mission” face the same dilemma and everyone knows at the end that the priest played by Jeremy Irons takes the right decision.

Christian goodness is always combined with uncompromising Truth. It is alway courageous, true and bold. It answers violence with defiant love. It understands that a there is such a thing as evil, and allows that when all other attempts at peace fail, then irrational rage and violence must be met with a reply of rational, planned and measured justice.