The Rainbow Flag or the Confederate Flag?

The Confederate Flag is banned because people think it represents slavery, racism, prejudice and intolerance. The Rainbow Flag is endorsed because the gay movement stands for equality, tolerance and freedom.

One stands in the public mind for freedom and equality. The other stands for oppression and prejudice.

The great irony is this: Those who endorse the “freedom” Rainbow Flag–the flag of tolerance are the very ones who want to ban the Confederate Flag.

What some of us fear is that the same extremism that has brought such a sudden, lemming like demand to ban the Confederate Flag will respond similarly to other causes sparked by a violent incident. We must remember Memories Pizza parlor in Indiana. A rather simple Christian girl admitted to the cameras that they would not cater a gay wedding and the hate mail, threats and threatened violence flooded in.

Therefore, knowing the volatile nature of the American public at this time, and knowing  how one little event will get the rabid crowds raging and roaring, why would we not supposed that even now activists are planning events which will intentionally stir up the crowd violence, the fury and the irrational rage? Do not be deceived. The happy, dancing gay crowd who celebrate their “pride” will turn ugly very quickly. Note the event this weekend in New York in which Fr Jonathan Morris bumped into the Gay Pride parade and was spat on by two men.

When this happens you can expect that the ugliness will not just be wild gay extremists. They will be your nice work colleagues, your middle class neighbors and your family members.

They will be your fellow Christians.

They will be your fellow Catholics.

They will be some of your Catholic priests.

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