The Rise of the Post Christian Crybaby Bully – 2

I call it “post Christian” because it surfaces in a post-Christian society–a society where people have cherry picked what they like and find useful from the whole Christian system and conveniently abandoned the rest. Some people focus on corporate sin, for example, but neglect individual sin and responsibility. Others focus on the need for mercy while ignoring the demand for justice. Some choose a particular liturgical style while ignoring the doctrinal beliefs.

I call it “Crybaby Bully” because certain individuals, pressure groups and political parties and politicians have used the “Victim” narrative to bully everyone into accepting their agenda.

It’s pretty effective and works like this: I’ll use a harmless imaginary example to explain what I mean.

Let’s imagine that you belong to a minority immigrant group. You are Ruritanian.

You live with other people from Ruritania in the United States and you have discovered that there is prejudice against Ruritanians. For historic reasons, some Americans–mostly from Argobinian heritage–make fun of Ruritanians, say they are stupid, and they won’t give them jobs and exclude them.

The Ruritanians realize there is mileage in this, so they form a pressure group “Ruritanians For Equality”. They do some PR work. They publish a paper. They hire an ad agency. They happen to have some wealthy Ruritanians to back them.

They launch a campaign portraying themselves as the ultimate victims of bullying, prejudice, racism and cruelty. They do a lot of public pouting and posturing. They launch a lawsuit wherever they can so under the guise of being a crybaby victim they actually start flexing their muscles.

They extend their righteous cause: not only have the Argobinians been cruel to them, but the whole of American society, by ignoring their plight, have been complicit in the crime.

Before long they are Victim of the Month and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon to support their cause, and if you don’t jump on the bandwagon you’re one of the haters who has caused the problem because you MUST be part of the campaign. It’s obvious. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem right?

So group think takes over and they then use their newfound victim status to bully the majority not only into giving them civil rights, but every extra privilege they can think of to make up for how they’ve been victimized.

Once the cycle gets going they keep it going because by now they’re doing pretty well out of the vicim business. They’re getting publicity and with the publicity they’re getting money–lots of it. They’ve learned how to tap into the American people’s endless sentimental, guilt laden gullibility.

It must also keep going, and to keep it going they must perpetuate the narrative. There must always be another level of prejudice against Ruritanians to uncover. There must always be some other oppressors to target and bully with their passive aggressive tactics.

There’s a lot of crying and hysteria and the more they crank up the emotion of being the wounded victims the more they succeed because Americans just love to assuage their guilt by helping victims of all sorts.

There must not be any real investigation of facts. No one must look into the alleged cases of persecution and cruelty. We must just see the big crocodile tears and have pity on the poor victims.

This is why everyone is so thin-skinned and easily offended: because we’ve become a nation of cry baby pseudo victims.

So how do you spot this phony lying charade? Continue Reading


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