The Underdog Myth that Hillary Has to Overcome

Meanwhile, the irony of it is, the Democratic Party, who have always seen themselves as the party of the working people, are about to crown Queen Hillary who is the Ivy League educated daughter of a prosperous businessman, uber privileged former First Lady of Arkansas and the USA, former Senator and Secretary of State who has made millions on the back of her ex-prez husband’s contacts.

No wonder she is scurrying to portray herself as the grand daughter of immigrants, and an ordinary gal.

However, you only  have to see a few clips of her trying so hard to relate to ordinary folks to realize that she is awkward to the extent of being gauche. She has trouble doing small talk with people, she’s shifty and defensive and comes across as a beleaguered member of a royal family trying desperately to polish her public image.

When you add her record of un-accomplishment, scandal, dishonesty and Nixonian skullduggery, she’s got a tough campaign ahead.

This is going to be a very interesting eighteen months.