Trump or Pope? Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve

People are hearing this phrase “Make America Great Again” and they don’t even have a clue what that means. What does it mean? That we will be even richer than we’ve been before? That we will build up the military and invade even more countries and bring home even more of our boys and girls in coffins and wheelchairs? That we will dominate even more developing countries economically and interfere in even more nations around the world?

Just what does it mean for America to be great?

I’d say America was great if we used our great wealth and power to genuinely assist developing countries with no strings attached. I’d say we were great if we only got involved militarily when we were invited to do so and there was a proven threat to our own country. I’d say we were great if we had an educational system which was based on education and training for the welfare of all–not just for those who can afford it. I’d say we were great if we had a capitalistic system that truly rewarded ideas, initiatives and hard work and avoided corruption, graft, bribes and insider deals. I’d say we were great if local authorities, charities, churches and philanthropists continued to solve problems and take initiatives at the local level rather than relying on bloated government programs. I’d say we were great if we had state and local government funded higher education and universal health care. I’d say we were great if we had a compassionate, cautious and positive way to screen and welcome the immigrants who want to be here and be part of our country. I’d say we were great if we invested in the lives and the quality of life of all our people from the unborn child to the old person alone in a freezing “care” facility, from the orphaned child to the homeless vet. I’d say we were great if we did everything possible to strengthen and nurture our mothers, children, fathers and family life.

I’d say we were great if we turned back to God and realized that personal virtue was the answer from the smallest citizen up to the politicians, billionaires and men and women of power.

Is that how Trump proposes to make America great again?