Twelve Things Kathy Griffin Might Have Considered

7. The Left Will Sink Even Lower Hilary Clinton’s “resistance” is now associated with violence. Is this now the resistance of Robespierre? Do you even know who he was? Whether you like it or not people will take this as a threat not only to Trump but to anyone who supports him, or for that matter anyone who is a conservative. Did you not consider this? People will now assume that the Left are in favor of the guillotine solution. Think about it.

8. Feminism Is Smeared With Violence – I’m assuming Kathy Griffin at least has feminist sympathies if she is not a card carrying feminist. If so, the feminist movement is now associated with violence. This is the ultimate fem-argument? “Off with their heads!” I think the words for this stunt is “backfired”. Big time.

9. The Media Elite Are Trashed The Trump phenomenon sent a clear message to the media elite in America. Didn’t you get the message? The ordinary folks don’t trust the left wing media. They don’t believe you. They don’t like you. They don’t think you’re funny. They don’t respect you. They are turning you off. They’ve had enough. Did you think your funny photo shoot would help? C’mon.

10. Its Not Big and Its Not Clever – The puerility of the stunt is mind boggling. Did you and your photographer friend actually think this was big and important and witty and terribly terribly clever? You were wrong. It was crass, idiotic, puerile and just plain stupid. You didn’t see this?

11. This is a Slap in the Face to Victims of Violence – What impression do you think your funny photo had on the mother of James Foley or Steve Sotloff? If you had forgotten, these were a couple of American journalists who were publicly beheaded by ISIS. What effect did you think your photograph would have on the families of the Coptic martyrs beheaded by Muslims? What statement did you wish to make about the murders, torture and genocide going on in the Middle East every day? I guess you think thats real funny. What kind of a human being are you?

12. You Degraded All Of Us Did you consider the fact that this gruesome picture would not only degrade you as a human being, but everyone else who looks at it? The picture was some kind of snuff porn. We’re supposed to be horrified and shocked and repulsed by such things. We are supposed to turn away and shield our children from such horrors. You thought it was funny and you imposed this “joke” on the whole nation. No one can un-see it. Thanks a lot for dragging our culture even further into the sewer.

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