Twelve Ways Liberals Lie


8. They are Obstinate – They will never concede a point. They will persist in their lies and never admit they are wrong. Presented with facts and irrefutable argument they will squirm and slide away. They will change the subject introduce an irrelevance of simply yell and rage and lose it. But change their mind and give in? Never. Non serviam is their motto.

9. Although they pretend to want “dialogue” and “listening” they are not interested in peace, conciliation or compromise – This is a lying ploy to resist submitting to the end. They will never give up their position so they use weasel words, play the victim and plead for more “discussion” and “debate.”

10. They will accuse you of being a bully and a “hater” when there is no evidence – but they will bully, hector, scream and yell to make their point–and no one calls them on their hate. Their greatest bullying is when they bully with a feigned sweetness and calm.

11. They distort the meaning of words – They call it “feminism” when there’s nothing feminine about it. They call it “gay” when there’s nothing gay about it. They call it “discrimination” when there is nothing discriminatory about it.

12. They will use innuendo, false accusations, lies and mud slinging – They play dirty while at the same time they put on a pose of self righteousness. They’ll smear the innocent, attack the unsuspecting, destroy reputations, spread gossip and lies and will do it without the slightest twinge of guilt.