We Are All to Blame for the Marriage Meltdown

We have been sterilized because we have decided that for the sake of our whole family enough is enough. We have resorted to in vitro fertilization because we really want to have a couple of children to complete our lives. We have paid for the abortions of our son’s and daughter’s “mistakes” so that their futures will not be spoiled by an unplanned pregnancy. We have voted for politicians who favor abortion and free contraception because they also offered us better tax cuts, an easier life and a clearer conscience.

When the going got tough in our marriage we convinced ourselves that a quickie divorce was a great step forward. We have excused our kids for co-habiting because “everyone’s doing it and it is cheaper that way.” We’ve overlooked the divorces of our friends and family and justified their cruelty and selfishness. We’ve accepted same sex relationships because we don’t want to be unkind to those we know in that situation.

We’ve taken the soft option. We’ve chosen the utilitarian answer. We’ve opted for the cheap way out, the sentimental solution and the practical resolution of a problem.

We think marriage is in a mess, but we’ve been participating in the destruction of marriage ourselves by individual choices, bit by bit, bite by bite, morsel by morsel marriage has been devoured by the devil and we’ve danced with him for our own convenience.

Then when it all comes home to roost we throw up our hands and say, “No same sex marriage! We will draw the line here!”

But will we? I doubt it. I doubt that anyone will really stand up and fight because we haven’t fought over many of the other issues.

No. Most Christians of all persuasions will fall in line and accept the way of the world and say, “We can’t do anything about it. It’s the law of the land.”

Then we will breathe a sigh of relief, get in the car and go out for some junk food and a visit to the Mall to buy more stuff.