Welcome to the Marriage Mess

There is not real reason. Furthermore, a case in Pennsylvania came up recently in which an adopted son “married” his father. Two gay men wanted legal rights so one adopted the other when gay marriage was illegal and when gay marriage was possible they married each other. So go figure.

One is only limited by one’s imagination. Let’s say a man named Bob is divorced from a woman who was married before and he has a stepson named Billy from the relationship. Perhaps Bob wants to remain living with Billy and wants the boy to have legal rights. Why shouldn’t they get married once the boy is of age?

It get’s stranger. Let’s say Andy and Randy want to eventually marry their girlfriends. They’re already married. That’s okay. We have quick no fault divorce. Andy and Randy have taken advantage of being married. They can now get a divorce and marry their girlfriends if they want. Same with Bob and Billy. Maybe Bob meets someone else or Billy, once grown up, once to marry someone properly. They get a quick divorce and off they go.

Has anybody thought all of this through? There doesn’t seem to be evidence of it.

If they have thought it through how then will they stop such abuse of the law?

Will they have bedroom police to make sure the marriage has been consummated? How exactly do you define the consummation of a lesbian marriage?  What particular action constitutes the consummation of a homosexual marriage. Must we affirm in some way that anal intercourse has taken place?

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