What Does a German Catholic Schism Look Like?

The German Catholic Church is disturbingly similar to the Old Catholics and Anglicans already. Both the Old Catholics and Anglicans are heavily influenced by their particular national governments. The Old Catholics first in their formation and the Anglicans in their formation and even now as the established church in England. As such they are much too influenced by the cultural trends and financial pressures of being established. Ditto the German Catholics with their church tax and cultural integration.

Where did the Church of England and Old Catholics end up? The ended with hundreds of new schisms and sects. They ended by abandoning not only the traditional morality of the Christian faith but also the fundamental theological doctrines of the faith.

If German Catholics decide to go the route of schism what success do they imagine they will have? The Church of England and the Old Catholics are in disastrous decline as they divide and sub divide into ever smaller schisms and sects and drift into the same immorality, relativism and theological drift of the other liberal Protestant denominations.

Will the German Cardinals go their own way?

If so, they won’t find it a difficult path to hike on. The trailblazers have left pretty clear markers.

All they will have to do is follow the Old Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans.

“But they’re doing that already!” you might protest.