What Would A Truly Catholic Political Party Look Like?

The TCP would be pro life and pro family. Economic, educational and social policies would be formulated to support children and the traditional family because that is the best environment in which children can flourish. The TCP would always be in favor of small government, local solutions and small property holders.

The TCP would support the poor and the workers against big business, big banks and big government, but the TCP would also support the small business owner and entrepreneur from the tyranny of big unions.

The TCP would support a living wage rather than a minimum wage. Banks and credit card companies would be limited in the amount they can loan to families. For low earners the living wage would be subsidized by a heavier tax on those in very high income brackets.

Married couples would receive more tax deductions. Abortion would be outlawed.

The TCP would support subsidies for large families and a wage for mothers who stay at home to raise children. This would be paid for by a “population tax” on manufacturers of contraceptive products.

The TCP would support universal, locally funded government health care just as it would support local school districts, local town councils and local governments providing essential services. Health care would be funded from local taxation which provides a local health insurance program–getting rid of the corruption of big insurance in league with big hospitals and health care monopolies.

The TCP would encourage locally based self help programs for those on the margins of society. Every effort would be made to empower the powerless rather than building a dependency culture through endless handouts.

The TCP would support all that is local in its foreign policy and defense policy. National borders would be defended. Genuine immigrants would be welcomed and integrated into local communities. Foreign policy would support local governments and local solutions abroad while not interfering militarily.

The TCP would support regulation of a free enterprise economy only to limit monopolies, administer common sense safety and environmental controls, encourage competition and support the small entrepreneur against the Goliaths of industry.

The TCP would use local and state taxation to provide free education and training so that all young people are ready and trained for the workplace without incurring vast debt.

In other words, the TCP would have a preferential option for the poor while also encouraging free enterprise. It would look after the vulnerable, sick, elderly, weak and marginalized while not enabling a dependency culture.

It would be “faith, family and fully Catholic.”