What’s Really Behind the Confederate Flag Fuss

Everybody can agree that racism is ugly and the racist Charleston shooter is clearly a racist monster, so this serves as a convenient catalyst to pump up racial hatred and the self righteous campaigns against all racism. In the meantime the activists and mainstream media will downplay the forgiveness shown by the members of the AME church who lost loved ones. They will ignore the thousands of Charleston citizens who marched in the Ravenel Bridge to protest the killings and show solidarity between black and white.

Instead they’ll continue to pump up the hatred of racism with increasing calls to eliminate all aspects of the confederacy from American history. They’ll keep the hatred of racism at a boiling point so they can add to it the hatred of sexism and homophobia.

Once the masses are sufficiently incensed by racism (which of course they will say is a “white Southern Christian” thing) then they will be equally intolerant and ready to riot over perceived sexism and homophobia…

…and who are the ones in our society who are racist, sexist and homophobic?

Why hello, “It’s those nasty white Southern conservative Christians of course.”

Then completely blind to their new kind of racism, they’ll send out the lynch mobs.

That’s why an alleged recent tweet has gone viral which said, “There is no place for racists, sexists and homophobes in society. Hang them all.”

Was it a real tweet from a real person? I don’t know. I saw it on Facebook, and one has to take everything there with a pinch of salt, but it wouldn’t be too different from the person in Indiana who tweeted an invitation to help her burn down Memories Pizza…