What’s Your Happiness Level?


We use our religion to feed our lust for level number two.

You see how it works, “We’re involved in the soup kitchen once a month!” we brag and thus use our service to be better than others.

“We’re traditionalist Catholics….” which means we’re better than all those other Novus Ordo types.

“We’re progressive Catholics…marching forward to bring the church in to a bright and wonderful future.” Sure. What you’re really doing is saying how much better you are than all those stick in the mud, dangerous and nasty conservatives.

It’s endless. We go to church to show off. We do our service to show off. We give our money to show off. We send our kids to Catholic school (or not) to show off.

And it gets worse because this one up manship can also work in reverse: “We’re not pious like those folks over there who show off by going to Mass every week. We’re just ordinary folk!”

I’ll stop ranting.

The question is “What is Your Happiness Level?”

Are you sincerely seeking to move beyond the adolescent needs to be better than everyone else?

Are you sincerely seeking to serve others with simplicity, joy and love?

Are you sincerely seeking the path to ultimate transcendent happiness?

If not, why not?

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