Who is the False Prophet?

The anti-Christ is sometimes a political figure–a man of power with charm and influence over people, but there is also the Spirit of AntiChrist–the spirit that promises power, prosperity, peace, pleasure and prestige.

I used to imagine that it would be difficult to discern who the false prophet would be, but it seems increasingly clear to me that the false prophet is now easy for us to determine. At least one of many false prophets: I’m speaking of the prophet Mohammed.  The errors of Islam have spread alarmingly around the world and although the teachings of the prophet come filled with light and peace, the real fruit and the real teachings are those that enslave people in legalism, fear and which too often promote terror.

Is Mohammed THE false prophet of the end times? We’ll wait and see. It is unwise to make firm predictions about the future.

Some would argue, “The false prophet has to be a living person who appears in the world.” Not necessarily. The false prophet may be a person from the past whose religion and influence is global in its power and influence. Although the prophet Mohammed is dead, his teaching is alive in the world as never before.

It may be that another false prophet arises who incarnates Mohammed’s teachings and is like a new Mohammed. Muslims believe in the Twelfth Imam–a Messianic type figure who will appear and usher in the end time.

In fact, there are many false prophets in the world. Is Mohammed or the twelfth Imam the one who will link with an anti Christ figure to dominate the world? We’ll watch and wait.

There have been false prophets and anti-Christs before. Go here.

We can certainly say that Mohammed is A false prophet among many, and seeing the power of his devotees and the spread of his religion worldwide, he is certainly a major consideration.

Although most Muslims are people of peace, the fact remains that the Islamic extremists are perpetrating evil in the name of their religion and after the example of their prophet. Should their errors and their horrors spread we will see the gates of hell opened and terrible terrors unleashed.