Why Disaster Not Disneyland?


That good and perfect world was as good and perfect as it could be, but there was a way to make it better.

The way to make it better was for the risk of freedom to be built in, but knowing that if things went wrong the human race (and all of creation with it) could move on to a better perfection.

That better perfection is the one in which evil is not avoided artificially, but it is defeated by going through it, fighting the battle and winning through to the other side.

Evil defeated is better than evil avoided. This is a life principle we all know very deeply. Right?

That’s because it is built into the created order. We’re wired that way.

Sooooo. Mankind’s present task is to stop complaining like big babies that our Daddy didn’t take us to Disneyland and to roll up our sleeves, grow up and get on with the battle at hand.

Instead of whimpering at the evil in the world we should get on, by God’s help, and do something about it.

This is what Jesus Christ does. He comes in. Gets on with the battle and defeats evil and comes out the other side.

This is what we’re supposed to do with him. This is our work. This is our destiny.

This is why the perfection of heaven is greater than the perfection of Eden. Heaven is not just Eden restored. It is greater than that.

Heaven is not evil avoided, but evil defeated.

Now we begin to see the big picture maybe we can have an “Aha!” moment.  In the Divine plan all the terrible evil is part of the greater battle. These are the war wounds. The little girl with cancer or the little boy beheaded. They are the innocent victims in a cosmic war. The horrors of death camps and the torture of the cancer ward. These are the clinics in the great war.

Is it worth the struggle? Of course.

All of it is the price of freedom. All of it is the price of reality itself.

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