Why Religious People Are Worse Than Darth Vader – 2


Let’s stop and look therefore at ourselves. Consider the religious ideologues of the progressive persuasion. They are sooooo convinced that the whole progressive pro-abortion, socialistic, LGBTQ, feminist agenda is right and good that they will engage in hate speech, personal attacks, threats, political dirty tricks, biased journalism, exclusion and you bet if things get tough they’ll use tax persecution, imprisonment, incarceration and finally torture and execution to achieve their noble goals.

Lest we be biased, consider the conservative religious ideologues. They will use the same tactics. You don’t think so? Ask yourself if the extreme conservatives aren’t just as intent on ridding the world of their enemies.

Why? Because the religious ideologue who thinks he’s right all the time is not content to be right. He has to weed out the people who are wrong.

The religious ideologue who thinks he’s righteous is not content enough to be good. He has to exclude and eliminate the enemy.

This is part of the whole, sick, religious ideological dynamic. You think it’s insane? You’re right. What is ideological is not logical.

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