Why Ted Cruz is the Smartest Wolf in the Pack

He understands the genuine threat of Trump and he has handled this very, very expertly. Here’s the problem: if everybody attacks Trump non stop that will only make Trump’s supporters more devoted. Furthermore, if the attacks are by the establishment media and the establishment politicians like Bush, then Trump’s gang rally around him ever more strongly. Cruz understands the “martyr mentality” within the right wing electorate. He also understands that if the whole Republican machine excludes Trump then it is all the more probable that Trump will run as an independent and divide the Republican vote giving Hillary the White House.

So, when everybody else was attacking Trump, Cruz stood back and kept quiet. He knows voter psychology. He knows people who are responding at gut level (and that is the only level Trump appeals to) will react against attacks on their hero and against the one attacking, thus destroying the attacker and strengthening Trump. So Cruz not only kept quiet but played it out as Trump’s pal. All the time he was networking behind the scenes and at ground level so that as his stock began rising, the inevitable attack from Trump would come. It has come and now Cruz is the poor little guy who is being attacked. He’s the underdog from the heartland being attacked by the big bad New York city billionaire.

After Trump attacks Cruz, here is what Cruz will do. He will paint himself as the poor little guy who s being attacked, but he will go on a “sweetness attack”. He won’t attack Trump head on, but he will come across as the sincere, good Evangelical boy from the homeland and sincerely and sweetly point out that  Trump is a New York establishment guy who has had three wives, runs casinos, is buddies with the Clintons and whose Daddy gave him all his money to start with.

This is high drama, and it’s fascinating to see Cruz play out his game plan.

As I say, he is one very, very smart politician.  It is my prediction that he will win the Republican nomination and then the White House.

However, I should remind readers that the smartest politician is not necessarily the best candidate for president.

A very smart man might be a great president…..or he might be the most dangerous candidate of all.

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