Why the Kim Davis Case Matters

I’ll repeat that: A person who will not participate in same sex marriage for religious reasons can be locked indefinitely without bail.

LGBT activists and Christians alike have observed the line drawn in the sand.

This can happen. A person who refuses to participate in same sex marriage can be sent to prison.

Take it one step further. What if Kim Davis (and eventually others like her) do not relent and refuse to condone and participate in same sex marriage. Will  they really be imprisoned without bail until they change their mind? In that case do we conclude that Kim Davis has been given a life sentence?

Will she rot in a Kentucky prison with a life sentence? Unless Judge Bunning relents or the lawyers or politicians find a way out what other conclusion can we draw?

Finally consider this: at present ministers of religion act as employees of the state when they sign marriage licenses. While they are not paid by the state and we are all assured that religious liberties will be respected, at what point do the homosexual activists say–“Religious ministers are state officials. They must conduct same sex marriages if they are asked to.”

And when those religious ministers refuse to conduct such marriages will they be sent to join Kim Davis?

It is a question worth pondering.

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