Why the Left Can’t Cope With Islam

About 1 in 3 of all marriages in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan are first cousin marriages; while overall consanguineous endogamous marriages exceed 65 to 80% in various Islamic populations of the Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Central Asia.

To put it bluntly, all of this combines to create a culture in which young women can be abused. If the girls were not Muslim then the Muslim men would feel justified in treating them as sex slaves. They were infidels and therefore it didn’t matter.

The reason the left wing liberals in England are wringing their hands over these shocking crimes is that they understand that these behaviors are linked with the Islamic religion and culture. We see child abuse and sex trafficking as horrible crimes that go against our religion and culture.

The social workers in England understood rightly that the Asian men didn’t really think they were committing crimes. Treating women as sex slaves is part of their culture and religion and wanting desperately not to be racist or Islamophobic, the left stood by helplessly.

The other main problem with left wingers is that they are far too optimistic about human nature. They don’t really believe in sin. Oh, they believe that people are sometimes unkind and selfish, but they don’t believe in the reality of evil because they don’t believe in the reality of God. They want to believe that everyone is really good at heart and all anybody needs is just a little bit of help and things will be alright.

They are driving on the fumes of Christianity–holding to a kindly, do-gooder kind of ideology thinking that they can make the world a better place with just a few more social workers, more magic cures by big government and more tolerance.

The same is true when faced with the murderous barbarians of ISIS. The left will never be able to deal with their decapitating insane violence because the left cannot understand the religious motivation of the barbarians. Not having any real religious conviction themselves they cannot understand how a young man will give up everything and become a suicide bomber or a jihadist in the desert for his religion. Because they don’t “get religion” they will never be able to deal with the religious fanatics of Islam.

Only those who understand both the realities of true religion and the horror of false religion will be able to confront the Muslim menace.

Secular humanism simply does not apply.

It is using a worldview and a philosophy that makes no sense where religion is the main game.

For a secular humanist to try to solve the Muslim problem is like asking a kindergarten child to send a rocket to the moon.