Wrangling in Rome

To make the changes he wants the pope will need the support and trust of his bishops and cardinals.

The big question is whether that is eroding after this week’s synod.

I believe  the reforms Pope Francis wants are positive and good for the church and for the proclamation of the gospel.

It would be a great shame if his desire for reform is hi-jacked by radicals who will wreck the project by overplaying their hand as they seem to have done in the synod this week.

If the pope’s plans for proper reform are hi-jacked by radical progressives then the conservative faction will fight back very hard and nothing will be accomplished.

How is all of this conflict of the Holy Spirit?

I bumped into a bishop while I was traveling to Kentucky today. As we boarded the plane I said, “This has been a dramatic week in Rome hasn’t it bishop?”

He smiled, “Yes, isn’t it good that the world can see us fighting?”

“Yes”, I said, “If you believe that conflict can be creative, then we have had a very creative week.”

He replied, “It is a good thing that we can discuss. The world thinks our religion is set in stone and that we can never change and that we allow no discussion or debate. It is therefore very healthy that we can be seen to be engaging in strong, intellectual, compassionate and caring debate.”

Amen I say.