July 23, 2022

If you like to walk your dog in the park or spend hours exploring nature one thing’s certain: you get out in nature because of how it makes you feel. Read more

July 20, 2022

Will states soon be installing checkpoints like the one established in East Germany to prevent its citizens from gaining freedom in the West? Read more

July 13, 2022

If you’ve been watching the world of pro-golf spin in your newsfeed, you know it’s being rocked to its core. Read more

July 7, 2022

Jesus understood the commonsense reasons for having personal protection. In preserving the 2nd Amendment where did our God-fearing nation go wrong? Read more

July 3, 2022

Artists like Michelangelo spent years creating masterpieces to appease or glorify the gods. Is their art superior to the secular artists of today? Read more

April 7, 2022

Darwin’s notebooks, stolen 22 years ago—one of which includes the sketch of the “Tree of Life,”—was anonymously returned this week. Read more

April 1, 2022

Children's expressions are filled with wonder. As adults we tend to mask up, altering our expressions to reflect what we want people to think about us. Read more

March 24, 2022

"If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?" Likewise, if you don't hear people praying for you, are you comforted? Read more

March 1, 2022

Putin’s war in Ukraine is one of the most horrific displays of evil we’ve seen. But it’s also turning into the greatest example of the power of humanity to do good. Read more

February 17, 2022

Did you know that you are separated by greatness by less than six individuals? What's it take to be great? A few suggestions . . . Read more

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